Growth & Customer Experience (Internship) responsibilities are:

Leverage data to understand our customers and to identify areas of opportunity and execute projects to drive customer growth, retention, engagement, and/or revenue within the AARRR Funnel.

Doing behavioral segmentation marketing strategy for: Personalization (Understanding how to target different groups of customers with different offers); Predictive (Historical behavioral patterns help predict and influence future customer behaviors and outcomes); Prioritization (Identifying high-value prospects with the greatest potential business impact); Performance (Monitoring growth patterns and change in segments).

Collaborate closely with stakeholders (i.e. Product, Design, Operations, Business Development, Marketing) to implement improvements in customer experience & growth initiatives.

Brainstorm on growth initiatives and assess their impact, efficacy, and complexity.

Construct & implement product marketing campaigns using multiple channels (Email, Web Pop Up, Mobile In App, Mobile Push) within the app to engage and communicate with our users.

Track and monitor metrics and KPIs of existing product and growth initiatives.

    Growth & Customer Experience (Internship) requirements are:

    Final years students or fresh graduates from a reputable university majoring in Business, Computer Science or another field

    Passionate in customer research and customer behaviour analysis, business intelligence, Product Marketing or similar data-centric related role

    Ability to break down business problems into concrete analytical solutions

    Having an understanding on B2B supply chain environment and their impacts on customer decision making processes

    Able to write product copies and contents (copywriting)

    Fluent in Excel / Google sheets, with a strong understanding of pivot tables, vlookups

    Excellent in English, oral and written

    Willing to work at Sunter Agung, Jakarta Utara