Business Development Associate responsibilities are:

Initiative Generation

  • fully understand the product & the solution provided by to the targeted market. Therefore, you need to understand the market behavior, persona, and size.
  • support C-level initiatives & needs for partnership, leads generation, and investment activity. Of course, you need to work closely with them for the brainstorming and decision-making process.
  • generate business initiative based on current market condition & company focus. You have to monitor the business matrix company-wide and give ideas on what we should do.

Business Incubation

  • Build an experiment based on the initiative generated and execute. Get the result at the speed of light
  • Maintain the speed of execution of running projects
  • Working closely with legal and finance team for the running initiative that affects investment and loan channeling activity
  • Crafting the short-term and long-term commercial scheme to acquire, retain, and monetize users. Growth and sustainability will be balanced by you.
  • Working closely with product and growth team to (highly) influence the product development that affects scalability and user experience

Humanizing people & developing the business culture

  • to scale, every member has to take extreme ownership of how to grow your colleagues and develop company culture on your day-to-day interaction.
  • act as a manager to "get things done" and improve the output from time to time. Do tell us what you need (anything) to improve the performance of your function, together with the cost and benefit analysis.

Manage relationship with financial institutions (FI)

  • Craft a solution and pitch to financial institutions (banks, multi finance, and P2P lending), together with the leads that are involved in the project. Make clear operational, the flow of money, and legal matters.
  • Maintain current relationship and improve business matrix that matters to and FI partner through product and market development.

Business Development Associate requirements are:

  • Min 1 years working experience in business development.
  • Good understanding about financing/loan product
  • Good understanding about B2B supply chain
  • Good leadership due to you have to act as an advisor & consultant for the product team, business operation, sales, and marketing for better market penetration, more efficient & effective operational, and scalability based on the tracked data
  • Good at managing and carrying out various project initiatives by the BD team
  • People person and good at influencing people
  • Have a strong connection on top level management will be a plus
  • Have a strong partnership sense
  • Strong analytical skill and strategic mindset
  • Willing to work at Sunter Agung, Jakarta Utara